InheRETTM Inherited Risk Evaluation Tool is currently in clinical testing!

InheRETTM is designed to:

  • collect family health history via a web-based interface patients access at home
  • evaluate the family history against national guidelines to determine next step recommendations
  • report risk-level recommendation along with the patient's pedigree, reproductive history, alcohol and tobacco use, and screening history
  • provide customized resources for physicians and patients to ehance patient care

Initial development is complete and and the software has been thoroughly tested.  In late February 2017, the University of Michigan Breast and Ovarian Risk Evaluation Clinic began testing InheRETTM with consented patients. The software will go through extensive testing until the expert panel from this clinic determines it is ready to move to a Pilot stage.

The formal pilot will take place at multiple clinical sites, including family medicine, ob/gyn, and specialty clinics to evaluate its validity, utility and value.  Additional refinements will be made during this stage to ensure the product is well received by clinicians and easy to use for patients.